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Ishi sashi, or stone padlocks, represent one of the main pieces of traditional supplemental training (hojo undo) equipment used in Okinawan karate. Similar weights have become quite popular in modern gyms in the form of kettlebells. If you don’t want to purchase pre-made ishi sashi or kettlebells (they can be fairly expensive) or you find […]

If you’re interested in making a free-standing, moveable, indoor makiwara, head on over to Ryukyu Martial Arts for a nice design. Moveable Indoor Makiwara: Dimensions and Design Or, if you want something very simple and portable, you may also like the tire-type makiwara.

(Originally posted on Back in the Gi) Similar commercial equipment: Shureido wall-mounted makiwara I discussed the purpose and construction of a makiwara in a previous post. The platform type that I built last time is good if you want to have a self-contained version of the traditional style that you can move from one room […]