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If you’re interested in making a free-standing, moveable, indoor makiwara, head on over to Ryukyu Martial Arts for a nice design. Moveable Indoor Makiwara: Dimensions and Design Or, if you want something very simple and portable, you may also like the tire-type makiwara.

Similar commercial equipment: H2H Trainers grappling arms/legs/dummy, Body Opponent Bag (BOB), Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro It is somewhat surprising to me that heavy bags with arms are not much more common than they are. Having arms on the bag makes training more realistic and interesting, and provides an opportunity to work on blocks, redirects, traps, […]

Similar commercial equipment: Pro Bounce Back Bag, ProForce Bounce Back Target, S.M.A.R.T. Bag, Free standing bounce back punching bag Many readers in my age group will remember roly-poly toys like Weebles. The defining feature of these toys is that they return to an upright position when they are rolled over or knocked down. The physical […]

(Originally posted on Back in the Gi) Similar commercial equipment: Shureido wall-mounted makiwara I discussed the purpose and construction of a makiwara in a previous post. The platform type that I built last time is good if you want to have a self-contained version of the traditional style that you can move from one room […]

(Originally posted on Back in the Gi) Similar commercial equipment: Body Opponent Bag (BOB), Century Wavemaster 2XL Pro One of my favourite pieces of equipment is “BOB”, the Body Opponent Bag manufactured by Century. If you don’t know BOB, you should. It’s a free-standing striking dummy made of foam that has a distinct torso and […]